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You have probably asked yourself, as our patients often ask us, what vitamin should you take?

We always stress to our patients the virtues of eating a balanced diet, rich in good nutrition and full of fresh fruits and vegetables. Most patients almost always acknowledge that they should be eating better and should try to get more nutritious foods in their diet – however, once we get past that point, the patient invariably tells us that due to a busy lifestyle they probably won’t be getting the recommended 9-13 servings of fresh fruits and vegetables anytime soon.

We used to then settle on a compromise of recommending a multivitamin to supplement the patient’s deficient diet in the hopes that this would make up for their dietary shortcomings.

Now we know that there is a better answer.

Nutrition should come from our food and should not come from artificial vitamins.

No one can argue that the best source of nutrition for us is from the foods that were put on this planet for us to eat. Numerous scientific studies have born this out and show that the best diet for us is one that is rich in fresh fruits and vegetables.  New studies are published each month warning us of the possible harmful effects of taking mega dose vitamin and antioxidant supplements. There is growing consensus in the medical community that the best source of what we know as vitamins and minerals (as well as all the other components in food we have yet to discover) is from the foods that are grown for us to eat.

The problem is that in our busy world today, it is just too hard to eat the recommended number of servings of these essential foods.

We recognize this problem and now recommend a whole food supplement called Juice Plus+ to our patients. Juice Plus+ is made from 17 of the most nutritiously dense fruits, vegetables and grains. They are naturally ripened, then juiced and dried at low temperatures to preserve all the active enzymes found in their natural state. This juice powder is then put into capsules so that we can finally get these nutrients in a convenient form. It is the most simple and economical way for us get more of what our bodies need to help us fight the daily battle against aging and disease and to make sure that we feel our best everyday.

Research on Juice Plus+ documented in Medical studies show:fvdisplay

It is well absorbed in the body.

It helps reduce the risk of Stroke and Heart Attacks

It improves the immune system

It reduces damage to DNA which can lead to cancer

250px-Juice_Plus_Orchard_and_Garden_Blend (Custom)It decreases the damage from Free Radicals

It lowers Homocysteine and Hgb-A1C level

It enables safer pregnancies and healthier babies

Is the #1 selling encapsulated nutraceutical on the market

No other supplement, with or without a prescription can say all that!

Our Personal Testimonial:

We discovered Juice Plus in 2006 and have been in love with the product ever since. At the time I was run down and 90+ pound overweight. My wife was having all kinds of muscular issues at the time and was also feeling lethargic with little energy to spare at the end of the day.

Juice Plus began to give us the immediate energy we needed to begin getting our lives back on track and on the road to improved health and well-being.

Today I am 92 pounds lighter and both Dr. Nancy and I feel great.

We invite you to learn more about this amazing product by attending one of our free public seminars or by clicking the link below which will bring you to our Juice Plus website where you will find amazing research and endorsements from some of the greatest doctors and nutritionists in the world.

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