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What Is Happy Brain Therapy? 

Dr. Steve Cagen, clinical director and co-founder of Brevard Brain Training located in Brevard, NC explains Happy Brain Therapy as a form of EEG Biofeedback. It is a drugless approach to treating Neurological Dysregulation Syndrome (NDS) that may be associated with the symptoms of many brain based conditions such as ADHD, OCD, PTSD, Insomnia, Anxiety, Tourette’s, Pain and even Autism.

By using a computerized EEG (Electroencephalogram), electrical impulses known as brainwaves can be tracked and analyzed while the patient performs several different tasks such as reading or watching TV.  Ideally, the brain should switch between different brainwaves frequencies/ speeds.  If the brain cannot produce the needed brainwave it will use an alternate, less efficient wave to get the job done.  It is like taking the Neuro 1long country road to get to the store instead of the highway.  Effective, but not efficient. Over time this inefficient wave becomes dominant causing changes in outward behavior.

ADD/ADHD: When you perform a task, like making breakfast, you should produce fast brainwaves (Beta waves) to keep you focused and allow for quick communication within the brain.  ADHD sufferers struggle to produce Beta waves.  Drugs like Ritalin elevate the fast brainwaves for a short period of time reducing symptoms, however, these drugs are derived from Cocaine and can have serious adverse health effects.  The Happy Brain Therapy training program teaches patients how to elevate the Beta waves on their own, without harmful drugs.  Simply put, it is exercise for the brain.

How Does It Work?  

During a typical training session, sensors are placed on the scalp and brainwave activity is monitored by aNeuro 2 computer as the patient relaxes and watches a DVD.  If the correct brainwaves are produced the movie will play; if the mind wanders, the computer detects the change and the movie will pause. This protocol is repeated with video games, jigsaw puzzles and tactile stimulation.  As the brain learns it becomes “re-wired”. This is called neuroplasticity, the brain’s ability to adapt and open new neural pathways allowing for more efficient lines of communication to be created. Once the changes take place, the effects are permanent.  And best of all, there are no drugs and no side effects.

For More Information on Happy Brain Therapy visit:  www.thehappybraincompany.com  or call (828) 885-7100


Tooth decay occurs well before you get the first warning signs of pain. That is why the dental profession recommends regular check-ups which include teeth cleaning and gum care as well as the regular home care of brushing and flossing teeth. Wear and tear of the engine in a car will occurs well before the oil runs out, but everyone knows to change the oil every three thousand miles.

“Similarly, according to chiropractic theory and practice, vertebral subluxation [the area of the spine or other joint which is stuck and needs to be adjusted] may have a significant impact on health before the appearance of pain or other signs and symptoms. For example, loss of movement or stiffness in a spinal joint may lead to associated degenerative changes [osteoarthritis] – changes that can be prevented or even reversed if there is timely treatment to restore movement in the joint, but that may be irreversible before warning signs of pain appear.”

In several experiments, the knee joints of rabbits were immobilized [splinted so they could not bend] for 16 weeks. Within ONE WEEK degenerative changes began to occur and by week 12 the joints were completely fused. The follow-up experiment was even more interesting. In one group of rabbits which were immobilized for five weeks, the splints were then removed. Over the next 18 months, some were released to “normal cage activity” and some jogged on a treadmill five days per week. The rabbits in both of these groups had NO increase in the level of osteoarthritis once they resumed regular activity.

So what’s the bottom line: Loss of movement in a joint leads to significant degeneration (arthritis) and this may happen well before symptoms occur. Timely restoration of this movement by chiropractic adjustments and regular exercise will prevent, halt and may reverse these degenerative changes. From The Chiropractic Report, May 2004, p.1


Top feature 2Good health is a process which most people are capable of creating and, like most things worth having it requires learning and following a few simple rules.

Understanding that you create good health is the first step. Everything you do, every action you take and every thought you have affects your health, your waistline and every aspect of your  life. Just as you have created where you are today (yes you have) you can begin creating where you will be tomorrow. Achieving good health is something you learn, it is a process which requires change and it is a choice you make. Where you are now is simply a culmination of the choices you have made in the past  – good or bad. You can either choose to be healthy or you choose to be sick. You can either choose to be fat or you choose to be thin. The choice is yours and we guarantee the answers do not lie in drugs or dieting. The good news is no matter where you are at this very moment, no matter how sick or overweight you are  – you can learn the process or making good choices and we can show you how. 

Unfortunately and all to often people mistakenly believe that they are doomed to a life of poor health, but that is not so. The Cagen Method of Wellness combined with our Mind-Body-Thin program has helped thousands of people from all walks of life reach new levels of health they never thought possible and we can help you also.

The question for today are – Are you ready to take back your life, your health and your waistline? Are you sick and  tired of being sick and tired? Is your life is of control and most importantly – are you are ready to begin making massive changes. If you are ready, we can help – but you have to take the first step.

Call our office and register to attend one of our introductory classes held on the first and third Tuesday’s of the month at 5:30pm. We care. (828) 885-7100


images (1)See the world as an abundant, providing, friendly place. When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change. When you see the world as abundant and friendly, your intentions are genuine possibilities. They will, in fact, become a certainty, because your world will be experienced from the higher frequencies. In this first step, you’re receptive to a world that provides rather than restricts. You’ll see a world that wants you to be successful and abundant, rather than one that conspires against you.

Now switch the words successful and abundant with thin, healthy and joyous and see how your life changes.


Introduction to Neurofeedback

Neurofeedback is a technique in which we train the brain to help improve its ability to regulate all bodily functions and to take care of itself. When the brain is not functioning well, evidence of this often shows up in the EEG (Electroencephalogram). By challenging the brain, much as you challenge your body in physical exercise, we can help your brain learn to function better.

A better functioning brain can improve sleep patterns. When you sleep more efficiently, you are more alert during the day. It can help with anxiety and depression, and with syndromes like migraine or chronic pain. Secondly, it can be helpful in managing attention – how well you can persist even at a boring task. Thirdly, it can help you manage the emotions. Emotions may feel like the real you, but your brain has a lot to say about how you feel and react. If the emotions are out of control, that’s trainable. If they aren’t there—as in lack of empathy, for example—that, too, is trainable.

Finally, there are some specific issues where the EEG neurofeedback training can be helpful, such as in cases of seizures, traumatic brain injury, stroke, and autism. In these instances the training does not so much get rid of the problem as it simply organizes the brain to function better in the context of whatever injury or loss exists.

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 At the Neurofeedback Center we are dedicated to helping individuals attain their maximum potential through enhanced brain fitness. Neurofeedback can help reduce or eliminate a broad range of symptoms including: anxiety, stress reactions, depression, sleep problems, headaches and migraines, chronic pain, compulsive behavior, mood swings, stroke, traumatic brain injury, seizures, autism, attention deficits and many other dysfunctional states that affect physical and emotional well-being.

Dr. Steve Cagen discovered Neurofeedback in 2009 while searching for new ways to help his daughter recover from a severe traumatic brain injury and founded the Neurofeedback Center in 2011 after fully embracing its potential as an effective, drugless therapy for brain regulation.

What Can Neurofeedback Help?

Neurofeedback is training in self-regulation. Good self-regulation is necessary for optimal brain function. Self-regulation training enhances the function of the central nervous system and thereby improves mental performance, emotional control and physiological stability.

With neurofeedback we target bioelectrical functioning of the brain which is actually a more important issue that the “chemical imbalance” that is often talked about. We are concerned with the brain’s internal regulatory networks. When we train the brain towards better function, the need for medication often diminished or falls away. Neurofeedback is somewhat like putting the brain on a stair stepper to exercise certain regulatory functions continuously. This is helpful with a wide variety of functional deficits.

Does Neurofeedback Cure Symptoms or Conditions?

In the case of organic brain disorders, it is a matter of getting the brain to function better rather than curing the condition. When it comes to problems of disregulation, there is not a disease to be cured, and self-regulation may very well be a complete remedy.

Who Can Benefit from Neurofeedback?

Individuals of any age can benefit from EEG training. Neurofeedback can help a variety of childhood problems including bedwetting, nightmares, attention deficits and other forms of disruptive and disturbing behaviors. Neurofeedback can assist adolescents who struggle with anxiety and depression or drug and alcohol abuse.

Neurofeedback can help anyone maintain good brain function as they age. Peak performers also use EEG training to enhance their abilities in sports, business and the arts.

If Neurofeedback Can Do So Much, Why Haven’t I Heard of it Before?

Neurofeedback is not yet taught in most medical schools or psychology graduate programs. Many professionals are therefore unaware of the power of this technique.





1335_10151544634263284_1035659897_nGoing to a Doctor of Chiropractic for a spinal adjustment is a lot different from going to a Medical Doctor for drugs. Each doctor has their own philosophy of what creates wellness. Medicine takes an outside in approach to health believing that introducing a toxin into the body will create wellness. Chiropractic takes an inside out approach believing that removing interference in the nerve system by means of a chiropractic adjustment – allows the body to use it’s innate healing powers to create wellness.

One is meant to kill what is inside of you while the other is designed to promote and enhance the natural healing powers inside of you.

People typically go to a doctor when a symptom appears in their body which causes it to dysfunction in some way. Something is not working right or a mysterious pain has appeared – they are either sick, hurt or both. They want to feel better again and they go seeking someone who has the wisdom and experience to help them through the crisis stage.

As doctors of chiropractic we are not medical doctors, we believe that we are born with inner (innate)  intelligence which controls and coordinates all function in the body – without it, we are dead. We will not throw drugs at a problem because the problem was not caused by a lack of drugs (maybe a lack of responsibility but certainly not a lack of drugs). Instead our philosophy takes a more natural approach – one which allows the body to heal itself.

Regular chiropractic adjustments will help keep your body function at it’s highest level and you may never need drugs again.





We have designed our office to be an education center as well as a healing center. Spend a few minutes looking around the office on each visit. Read the white boards, pickup a brochure or browse in the wellness shop. We find that when patients maximize their visit time by asking questions and becoming a part of their own wellness solution – healing is only natural!



Has this ever been you?

“Hi, I’m going to have to cancel my chiropractic appointment today because I have a headache.”

Don’t Do It!!!

People mistakenly feel that because they have a headache they are better off skipping their chiropractic appointment. Unfortunately, the opposite is often becomes true and cancelling appointments usually sets you back in 2 ways:

1. We only schedule the appointments that you need to fix your back or neck, shoulder, knee, etc. Each treatment that is skipped prolongs the treatment period and sets the stage for flair ups.

2. Many of the things that we treat directly such as tight muscles, joints, and tension in the spine and neck actually cause or contribute to headaches. So when you’re feeling your worst, you absolutely should make your best effort to get in to your scheduled appointment.

Let the doctor know that you’re not doing so well and he will most likely tailor that day’s treatment so that you not only keep on track with your original complaint, but that you get rid of your headache that much faster.