th8WWSV96KNext Level Wellness is a holistic wellness center which focuses on family healthcare and positive lifestyle training designed to help our clients create and achieve the lives and health they have always wanted. Using our unique method of brain/body resynchronization and personal wellness coaching we are changing the way wellness works and helping our clients achieve increased health, increased passion and vitality and an increased joy of living.

We are doctors and educators:

A new way to achieving maximum wellness, the Cagen Method is an integrated system of drug-free techniques and lifestyle training programs designed to help our clients and their families become a better expression of themselves. Using modern science, universal principles, and hands on bodywork we help our clients overcome past traumas and events which are holding them back from enjoying a life of good health and joyous living.

Next Level Wellness focuses on the brain/body experience and guides our clients towards achieving increased function instead of symptomatic relief. While our goal in the beginning is to get our clients out of immediate crisis the ultimate goal is to educate, guide and train them on their journey towards optimal health and peak performance.

Good health is not one thing; it is the combination of many things working together harmoniously to create an well-balanced inside and outside. Today’s modern medicine still treats the human body as individual parts never realizing the delicate balance each individual part plays on the whole or how a well-balanced brain/body can propel their health to the next level.

For over twenty years Doctors Steve and Nancy Cagen have been helping young and old alike achieve their dreams of having good health, a trim fit body and a healthy, wellness lifestyle. Our Twelve Weeks to a New You program known as the Cagen Method has helped thousands of patients and clients achieve a state of good health they never thought possible and we can help you also.

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Drawing on our experiences as natural wellness doctors, motivational speakers and weight loss experts we have become leading authorities and sought-after speakers in the wellness, weight-loss and motivational/goal setting industries. Our systematic, step-by-step approach to creating a new you introduces our clients to the world of wellness and natural weight-loss in a way which is easy to follow and creates permeant and lasting change – because we change you, the whole you.

If you are ready to take your health to the next level, we invite you to call our office to schedule a complimentary consultation with one of the doctors and to tour our facility. (828) 885-7100


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