Eat disease

Every thought, every word, every action, every bite is either moving you towards health or towards sickness. It’s a life altering day when you fully get it, deep down in your core, that you create your own sickness with the foods you eat and that you also can overcome sickness, fatigue and obesity to create your own health with the foods that you eat. This truth is so ridiculously simple and yet so many do not seem to have this understanding. Sick foods lead to sick bodies, sick attitudes, sick children, and the unnecessary use of medications, which if taken by a healthy person would make them sick. But….you can turn it around – it is never to late.

Adopting a healthy eating system is a great first step. Eat natural “one-word” foods. One-word foods have the ability to tell you exactly what you are eating and, whether they are natural and good for you – or not. Once you understand the concept – making the right choices will become easy. Here is how simple it is. If it is natural – eat it. If it is not natural – don’t eat it. Performing this one simple act perfectly, for a long enough period of time will change your health, waistline and life.

Dr. Steve’s Guide to Natural Eating States – Natural foods can be described by one word;  Apple vs. Hot Dog. Apple describes a natural food item which has not been processed – it is real and comes from nature; nothing added, nothing taken away. Hot Dog – hmmm. Stop and think about it for a second. There is no Hot Dog tree in nature and no Hot Dog animal,  so…. it does not fit the parameters of natural food so it must be artificial/processed. Do not eat it.

Steak, chicken, pork…. on the other hand are natural (just don’t buy the crappy stuff). No boxed stuff, no canned stuff, no white stuff (except proteins), no dairy, no sugar.

Check this out – If it walks on the ground, flies in the sky, swims in the sea or grew from a seed, those are the healthiest foods that are right for me. Believe it or not, it is fun being fit and healthy. So beginning today why not eat your way to good health. I did.




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