New patients often remark how efficient and friendly our office and staff are. That’s true and essential, because we are focused on helping our patients achieve great results.

Once you have fully completed your new patient paperwork you will meet with one of the doctors to discuss the specifics of your case. at that time we will answer all of your questions. We will then perform a series of tests to help us evaluate your overall well-being, any problem areas and areas of concern. Our chiropractic examination may include:

Orthopedic – This examination tests your ability to turn, bend and move key joints of your skeletal system through their expected range of motion.

Chiropractic – These tests can include postural evaluations, static and dynamic palpation and other procedures to reveal neurological problems.

X-Ray – Diagnostic imaging can help locate any bone abnormalities, fractures and reveal your spine’s phase of spinal decay.

First Visit Wrap Up – After this exam and consultation the Cagen Chiropractic team will review the results of the examination and correlate it with your history to determine if we will be able to help you, and if so, the best way to deliver the most effective adjustments. You will then be scheduled for a follow up Report of Findings.

If we feel yours is a case we can not help, we will refer you to another practitioner.