We have books full of patient testimonials. Here are just a few.

I love , love, love Cagen Chiropractic! I go once a week and they keep me going. They are so kind , caring and welcoming. Best chiropractic experience I’ve ever had. – Norma Owen

You will not find a better group of people who actually care about your well being! – Melissa Carson

Awesome caring folks. I’m thankful to have found the help I didn’t know I needed so much, that has changed my life and how I am feeling so much better. Thank you – Sharon Jackson Thompson

Absolutely great helps with the pain migraines love it thanks for improving the way I feel always feel better – Tegan Butler

Wonderful atmosphere, OUTSTANDING CARE & Amazing people!!!!! – Mandy Davenport Christopher

My husband and I both go to Cagen Chiropractic. Dr. Steve, Dr. Nancy, and Sabrina are all wonderful! We not only enjoy their company, but they keep us feeling our best. The back pain I was experiencing when I first went to them is a thing of the past. Have also enjoyed Dr. Steve’s health classes! – Carol Dagget

These are the BEST PEOPLE EVER!!!! I have issues that Dr. Steve knows exactly how to fix!!! If you need to feel better, GO See THEM !!!!! – Sandy Young

We began going to Cagen Family Chiropractic in 2004 when we first moved to Brevard. It was the best decision we have made since! If it wasn’t for Drs. Nancy and Steve, I probably would have been on pain medication and had back surgery by now! They have helped my husband, Homer, and I stay healthy and pain-free. Add in the incredible Office Manager, Sabrina, and just walking into Cagen Family Chiropractic is an experience in loving, healing energy. Thank you all so much! – Tibby Dozier Steedly

I’ve been going to the Cagen’s since I was 18 and every single time I go see them they are smiling and helpful and loving and caring and just incredible! This is an amazing place with chiropractors who are doing it for the right reason!!! – Erin Ashworth

Cagen chiropractic is always worth a visit ! – Dan Zongrone