Technique is the method or style of adjusting a chiropractor uses when working with a patient. At Cagen Wellness, both doctors employ a wide variety of techniques to assure our patients receive the type of care which they like and which serves them best.

The following are a list of the techniques we use:

Toggle, Gonstead, Diversified, Thompson, CBP

These techniques are the most common. They are hands on  and may be associated with a popping sound when performed. See what is that popping sound on the video to the right of your screen.



A low force style of adjusting which incorporates the use of an adjusting tool. This can be a manual or electrical powered tool which is used mainly for our young, sensitive and elderly patients.




images (1)Network & Intuitive 

Low force styles of adjusting which helps remove spinal cord tension.


Graston Technique

graston toolInstrument assisted soft tissue mobilization helps repair body function by breaking down adhesions and scar tissue which may be preventing muscles from moving smoothly in the body. Scarring can limit range-of–motion and in many instances cause pain, which prevents them from functioning as well as they could be.