010.jpgA Patient Speaks

While sitting on my porch one day, thinking of my present problem, I noticed a plant that looked dead. Its leaves were turning brown, the stalk and branches were withered and very dry. Life was nearly at an end for this plant.

As I studied it, the cause of the plants difficulty was evident. A large rock was lying across the stalk of the plant. I removed it for closed observation. The spot where the rock had been was in bad condition and had started to turn black.

I watered the plant and gave it a little fertilizer. I was proud that this plant would be saved from apparent premature death because a simple thing like a rock that lay across its main life supply had been removed.

Patience Pays

Finally one day, as if by magic, the stalk took on a new look. It seemed to be filled with fresh, new energy and the leaf stems had lost their dead look. The plant again seemed to express feelings. Gone were the wrinkles from the leaves, which now began to show signs of new life. Some of the bad withered leaves disappeared and to add grace to this mastery of art, the terrible brown spot where the rock had lain for so long was repairing itself, and new plant tissue was replacing old. The plant would live.

The Principles

Principles were involved. Life had to flow through the stalk to all parts of the plant to maintain its natural beauty and life that the rock had once removed, nature was again in control of the plant and nature alone knew what to do. And so it is with chiropractic. Nature’s processes of repair seen slow at times, but they are evermore sure.

Like a flash I remembered I had been to a chiropractor years ago who told me that life energy flowed out of the brain stalk and spinal nerves to all parts of the body and made us live normal healthy lives. He said there were vertebrae pinching on delicate nerves that were causing my trouble and that all I needed to be well and happy again was to have my spine adjusted to the normal position. The life energy is my body would then do all that was necessary to make me well again, if allowed sufficient time.


It was ten years ago that I had the opportunity to correct this trouble and learn how the body was controlled through the nervous system. I failed to do myself the favor and give the chiropractor time to do his work. I could have saved ten years of suffering if I had persevered just a little longer.

I look forward again now and give thanks. I have discovered the simple truth for myself that for every effect, there is a cause. I can plainly see that the cause of sickness is pressure on the nervous system that retards the normal function in the body and if it is not corrected, disease will be the result.

Remember- Healing Takes Time


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