Your whole body needs proper support from the ground up. Injury, aging, or stressful activities can all cause a misalignment in your spine which trigger different symptoms throughout your body.

Custom-made Foot Levelers orthotics are individualized to stabilize your spine and pelvis by correcting imbalances in your feet— the foundation of your skeletal system. These imbalances may occur even if you’re not experiencing foot pain. Though they may go unnoticed, these imbalances contribute to postural misalignments, pain in areas throughout your body and fatigue.

Foot Levelers are custom designed stabilizers using an impression or imaging process. First, you step onto a digital foot scan which captures an exact impression of your feet while you are standing, with your full weight on your feet and then the scan is sent to the Foot Leveler’s laboratory where the stabilizers are created to correct any imbalances found in the three arches of your feet. Your new Foot Levelers will be sent to our office and we will show you how to wear and care for them.

If you’ve never had your feet scanned, you probably don’t know what they are supposed to look like. Don’t wait for aches and pains to tell you there is a problem.
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