1335_10151544634263284_1035659897_nGoing to a Doctor of Chiropractic for a spinal adjustment is a lot different from going to a Medical Doctor for drugs. Each doctor has their own philosophy of what creates wellness. Medicine takes an outside in approach to health believing that introducing a toxin into the body will create wellness. Chiropractic takes an inside out approach believing that removing interference in the nerve system by means of a chiropractic adjustment – allows the body to use it’s innate healing powers to create wellness.

One is meant to kill what is inside of you while the other is designed to promote and enhance the natural healing powers inside of you.

People typically go to a doctor when a symptom appears in their body which causes it to dysfunction in some way. Something is not working right or a mysterious pain has appeared – they are either sick, hurt or both. They want to feel better again and they go seeking someone who has the wisdom and experience to help them through the crisis stage.

As doctors of chiropractic we are not medical doctors, we believe that we are born with inner (innate)  intelligence which controls and coordinates all function in the body – without it, we are dead. We will not throw drugs at a problem because the problem was not caused by a lack of drugs (maybe a lack of responsibility but certainly not a lack of drugs). Instead our philosophy takes a more natural approach – one which allows the body to heal itself.

Regular chiropractic adjustments will help keep your body function at it’s highest level and you may never need drugs again.


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