List of Upcoming Wellness Events:

As our way of giving back, we offer free wellness programs which are open and available to all members of our community. Each event is 45 minutes in length and chock full of wellness tips which can be used immediately to begin improving your health – naturally. There is no obligation or pressure of any sort; they are simply our gift back to our wonderful community. If you would like to attend one of our Tuesday Night Main Event Programs please call our office to reserve your seat.

Space is limited. (828) 885-7100


The Seven Steps to Wellness – Tuesday August 23rd

In this event you will discover that getting healthy and living a pain free life are only a few steps away. Utilizing these seven simple steps you will begin a whole new life; one which is happy and healthy and drug-free.

Healing Your Broken Brain – Tuesday Sept. 6th

Many of today’s illness are caused by dysregulation of brainwave activity. In this event you will learn how your symptoms may be due to previous injuries or being stuck in a “negative feedback loop.” Other symptoms include: ADD, Anxiety, Depression, Migraines, PTSD, Insomnia, Memory Loss, Focus Issues… Discover how drug-free, non-invasive Neurofeedback may be the solution you have been looking for.

The Natural Superiority Of Chiropractic – Tuesday Sept. 20th

Discover how removing vertebral subluxation can help restore your health by removing interferences which may be causing your unwanted health problems. For over 100 years chiropractic has been helping people safely and naturally restore their healthy without the use of drugs or surgery and why it is the safest form of healthcare available for children and adults.

Improving your Life through Meditation – Tuesday Oct 4th

Meditation is a tool for waking up to the richness of your life. Much of the great stuff in life is really simple. Hidden inside your most mundane moments are pathways to heightened and enlightened appreciation. In this event we will explore how you can incorporate meditation in your life for reduced stress and improved health.

Getting Thin Easily and Naturally – Tuesday Oct. 25th

Our most popular class, Getting Thin Easily and Naturally opens the door to wellness eating and explores the concepts of creating the thin healthy body you have always wanted without dieting, taking pills or purchasing prepackaged foods. Hundreds of people from around the country have used our Mind-Body-Thin Program® to get thin and are staying that way using the simple concepts you will learn in this event.

Raising a Healthy Family in an Unhealthy World – Tuesday Nov. 8th

Unhealthy children become unhealthy adults; in this event you will learn how to break the cycle of disease, obesity and chronic pain. This is a very important event for parents, grandparents and kids alike. Bring the entire family and learn the simple steps to raising a healthy family in an unhealthy, overmedicated world.